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E-Accessibility: WCAG Conformance Advantages

E - accessibility: Creating a website fully comfortant with WCAG 2 offers a wide variety of advantages both for your company, your visitors and your potential customers.

Future-Proofing: Functional in all internet technology
Easy-to-use Web pages: Robust, optimized structure for content presentation
SEO: Search engine rankings radically improvement
Quick Page Loading: Site loads faster for all visitors
Enhanced Public Image: Considering all aspects of accessibility enhances all aspects of public relations.
E.U. and National subsidies programs for e-accessibility and protection against Disability Discrimination


Let us develop your web presence, based on your desires, using modern techniques, which can satisfy your needs, so that you can achieve the best possible internet promotion, increase your sales radically and offer better services to your customers.

We can update or develop together your own web page, using your brandname, domain, logo, fully integrated with your e-shop, apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc